Services and Products

custom software and consulting


We have implemented custom projects with Apache Hadoop ecosystem.

Data analytics

We have experience in building customized data analytics solutions with Python and R.

Research & Consulting

We have a strong research background and work with a highly experienced academic research team.

Embedded Systems

Our experience in safety-critical embedded systems will gurantee a successfull and on-time project delivery. We can assist you in choosing the right technology and hardware platform for your product.


Desktop and Mobile

We are still in the ERA where specialised standalone software is needed. We are here to help you develop your desktop and mobile applications.

UAV Systems

We are working on a fully automated, self-recharging drone, which can be used in Security inspection, Object detection, Border patrol, Crops inspection, etc.

About us


Our team includes highly educated and skilled developers with more than fifteen years of professional experience in software development.


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